Write To Sys Log.vi


Uses Win32 OutputDebugString system call for sending text to the system log. System log can be monitored in real time by DebugView. Next sections describe two options of using DebugView.

Conditional disable symbol SYSLOG_ENABLED bust be set to TRUE it order to enable this VI. Otherwise, VI becames removed from the code at compile time and doesn’t introduce any overhead.

This VI is usable only under Windows operating systems.

data (Input, Variant)
Data to be converted into string and written to the system log.
format string (Input, String)
Optional string that specifies how to create resulting string. See Format Container Into String to learn more about formating. Format string can optionally start with one of three prefixes: E: - shifts message to error level, W: - shifts message to warning level, I: - default, leaves the message at info level. Information about message level will appear in front of the actual message in the system log.
message (Output, String)
Formated string that is written to the system log.
error in (Input, Error Cluster)
This input is connected directly to error out. VI executes even if error in contains an error.
error out (Output, Error Cluster)
This output is connected directly to error in. VI itself never outputs any errors.

Local Debugging

DebugView and user’s application work under the same operating system.

  1. Simply start:

Remote Debugging

DebugView and user’s application work under different operating systems.

  1. On the target site start:
Dbgview.exe /a /s
  1. On the client site start:
  1. Go to Menu->Computer->Connect.
  2. Type hostname of the target computer and click OK.